and that is, afterall, what it's all about!

Pick what you want to bring for the Pot Luck from below and email Paul Maroney ( or call him at 661-254-6137 with your choice. You may also email Bob Stanley ( or call 661-948-1204.

Be aware of the bears! Yes, there are bears and they're not intimidated by humans, so it is very important that you bring as little as possible. Anything left in your car that even remotely looks like food, a food container, or something covering a food container may entice a bear to break into your car. Bears are very clever and very strong. They just need to get their claws around the edge of a door to remove it from the car. Don't give them any reason to give your car more than a passing glance.

Last updated 7/26/06

Saturday Night

Bring or catch your own main dish to BBQ  Everyone
Campfire Cobbler (Apricot)  Maroney
Corn on the Cob - 2 dozen with husks, wrapped in foil  Don
Baked Potatoes - 2 dozen double wrapped in foil  Lex
Green Salad Wayne
Bread - 2 loaves French or Sourdough or ???  Duey Needit?
Pot o' Beans Stacy
Chips, dip, veggies Stacy
Coffee - 2 lbs. John
Whipped Cream - 3 large cans John
Charcoal - 3 20 lb bags  Moran
Firewood  Maroney

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Bacon - 5 lbs  Stanley
Eggs - 3 dozen  Ohs
Butter - 2 lbs. real butter  Stanley
Pancakes and Syrup  Weems
Cobbler  Leftovers
Potatoes & Corn hash  Leftovers